About the Icon

Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross, practically running, are approaching the throne of Mary on Carmel. In their hands they carry the staff of the itinerant pilgrim and of the herald. Saint John, with his hands covered out of respect, is holding the Sacred Books, while Saint Teresa is presenting to Mary and to Jesus, her heart wounded out of love towards them.

In the spirit of the Gospel of the Lord, Teresa and John are approaching Mary, symbol of the Church that is waiting with her arms uplifted, praying. Mary is on a throne – the Queen, draped in the purple of Royalty. She is the woman made of earth (this is the meaning of the dark color of the tunic), wrapped with the grace of God (the red color of the mantle). She, human, has become partaker of the royalty of God. On her head and shoulders, she has three stars that signify her virginity, before, after and during the birth of her son. Within her womb she is carrying Jesus, who is no longer a baby, but an adult, the adult Christ – the Church that is carrying inside her adult faith. Everything is covered with a red veil that signifies the mighty presence of the Spirit of God.